TMP Home

Doing up your home is very much like designing a dress collection. It is about putting together many different details and textures to achieve a big picture. By infusing the spaces you live, work and play in with inspiring textures, hues, shapes and aromas that help to ground you, you can achieve balance amidst the commotion of daily life.    

In order to bring you the oasis of home, I have curated a Home line of elegant, rustic homeware lovingly crafted by artisans from Southeast Asia. I have commissioned custom-made intricately woven baskets, which are sturdy and waterproof, offering up both practical storage and visual texture for any room. Practical finishing touches such as our Bamboo Ladder Rack, Mother of Pearl platters and marble printed melamine crockery for kids, instantly elevate the look of your rooms whilst still serving their everyday purposes.

To layer upon this elegance, you can also look forward to a series of beautiful cushion covers and soft finishings to complete your look. Soothing home fragrances from TEMPLE transform your living spaces into that dream oasis whilst filling the ambience with warmth and a sense of harmony.

From our home to yours, this is TMP Home.