TMP Knits

Experience the epitome of luxury and versatility with our debut knit collection. Merging the luxurious elegance of silk and the eco-friendly charm of TENCEL™️ Lyocell and cotton, this collection is meticulously designed to embody the essence of modern sophistication and comfort while abolishing the myth that only skinny girls can wear knits. Cut in fluid and forgiving cuts with a completely reversible feature that offers two contrasting colour ways and necklines, our TMP Knit range is a tribute to thoughtfully curated fashion that is as comfortable as it is captivating.

The Fusion of Silk and TENCEL™️:
The team has carefully selected the most exquisite materials to create a harmonious blend of TENCEL™️ Lyocell, cotton and silk. The sustainable allure of TENCEL™️ Lyocell meets the comfort of cotton and lush texture of silk, resulting in garments that dress your skin with unmatched comfort and breathability.

Reversible Wonder:
Imagine the joy of having two looks in one garment! Our innovative reversible design is a game-changer, offering you the freedom to effortlessly switch between looks. Each piece is carefully woven to seamlessly transition from one side to the other, allowing you to create two contrasting colour ways to play with. You can even choose which neckline you prefer for our knit tops.

The Perfect Travel Companion:
Designed with the jet-setter in mind, our knit range is the epitome of travel-friendly fashion. The crease-free fabric ensures easy packing, while the reversible feature offers a multitude of outfit options, minimising your luggage load. Whether you're exploring vibrant markets or lounging by the beach, you'll always have an eye catching outfit at your fingertips.

Designed for the modern woman who likes comfort and enjoys versatility, each piece has been carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail. We invite you now to elevate your style, embrace your individuality, and knit together your own story in our TMP Knits.