Postcards from Paradise

More than just a destination, paradise is a state of mind.

A place of peace, of light and rest. A place to breathe deeper, feel lighter, lay aside the endless roles and responsibilities, and be your truest self. A place for the people and things that matter most.

A place to discover, to experience. A place to close your eyes and soak in the sun’s gentle warmth on your skin. A place to smile, to laugh! To feel happy to be alive.

In our Postcards from Paradise collection, Ee-Ling hopes you’ll find "happifying" designs that inspire you to see life through new eyes, and live each day beautifully. So many of her favourite things are threaded through this one! There are pretty botanical elements and glorious prints, inspired by some of Ee-ling’s favourite holiday destinations. There are breezy, floaty textures, hand-printed batiks and gorgeous jacquards. And there are our flattering TMP cuts, which pair classic silhouettes with a touch of whimsy, or an element of surprise. 

We’ve designed this collection to take you into CNY and beyond, with wearable pieces that fit into your everyday life, and pieces that can be dressed up or down, and worn multiple ways. To top it all off, we have collaborated with some of our favourite brands to help complete your look - including everyone's favourite hand-embellished hairbands from NAMJOSH, and limited edition convertible statement jewellery designed in collaboration with Intrigue and Clay My Way.

We can already see you rocking these looks, living your best life, and making new happy memories…starting today! 

 Paradise is calling. It misses you!