Baby Joys

She is beautiful, talented, graceful and purposeful.

She is creative, has a way with words and is a wonderful storyteller.

She smiles through the rough times and is stronger than she knows.

She is resilient, a fighter. She celebrates the everyday moments of happiness and sees beauty in even the smallest details.

This collection is inspired by her, my friend, who is imperfect and human, yet always beautiful.

From her, I learnt not to take the little things for granted. To see the goodness in a green leaf or a bright flower, or the warmth and light in a shared laugh with a friend. To treasure every tiny baby joy that appears on our journey, and nurture it in the hopes that it will grow. This collection is dedicated to my brave friend, and to anyone out there who is fighting hard to find joy. We see you, and you are loved.

10% of the proceeds from this collection will go towards supporting the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and their amazing initiatives. We have also designed beautiful, uplifting cards specifically for you to drop an encouraging word to a friend, a loved one, or someone you know who may need a pick-me-up. Proceeds from the sale of these cards will go entirely towards SAMH, so do please check them out and join us in supporting a life changing cause. 

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