Sustainability with The Missing Piece
Piecing together conscious decisions for a sustainable tomorrow
We’re committed to make better choices towards a more sustainable future. From conceptualizing our designs to production and beyond, we’re on a learning journey to be conscious and responsible in our approaches at every touchpoint. There’s so much more to be done but we’re taking steps towards creating a better tomorrow- one thoughtfully crafted Missing Piece at a time.

Eco-friendly Pieces

We are continuously learning and seeking out new material innovations, striving to make optimal material choices that balance longevity with environmental responsibility. As of 2019, we have opted for the use of eco-friendly vegan fabrics into our pieces and hope to make that a larger part of future collections.

Packing Your Missing Pieces
Our mailing envelopes for our online store and packaging materials are biodegradable. Where possible, our cards are printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, which works to take care of our forest and those who rely on them. Learn more here.
Every Piece Matters

To minimize fabric wastage, we carefully control our production volume, opting to work on a pre-order or backorder basis wherever possible. We also try to use up every last bit of fabric in our production. Scraps of fabric are repurposed into small accessories.
Featuring our Obi Tassle Belt that were made from remaining fabrics. 
One Piece, Multiple Ways
Sustainability in fashion advocates for quality over quantity to minimize environmental impact and promote longevity in wardrobe choices. Increasingly, our designs emphasize versatility, featuring elements such as reversible options, convertible necklines and convertible cutouts, enabling multiple styling options for each TMP piece.
Featuring our signature convertible cut-out in our dresses.

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