We are so excited to share our new limited edition line of swimwear, designed and produced in collaboration with beachwear makers and fellow independent Singaporean label, Pink Salt!

Like many women, I always approach shopping for swimwear with some trepidation. As a mum of 3, I admit I do find it difficult to find swimwear that I feel confident in. I've always had a straighter body type, but since having my twins, I’ve also acquired a “mum tum” which I've learnt to disguise over the years. One day, in one of those moments in the shower, I decided that if I can't find my perfect swimsuit, I might as well make my own!

Partnering with our friends at Pink Salt, our team has designed a capsule collection of 6 swimsuits and 4 kimono robes. These pieces feature two gorgeous prints, and are cut from VITA PL by Carvico  a sustainable, chlorine-resistant high-tech fabric made of recycled polyester. 

Each piece in this swimwear collection was lovingly conceptualised, sampled and refined over 5 months by The Missing Piece and Pink Salt teams, working over lockdown and across 3 countries. The pieces were fitted to real women in both teams, and every detail and measurement was fretted over down to the millimetre.

The final result? Pieces that give the coverage and support we all need in our less-than-modelesque spots, but which also show just enough skin for a flattering, interesting and fashion-forward silhouette. We are so excited about these pieces and hope you will give them a try, and love them as much as we do!