Life is made up of a multitude of precious, fleeting moments. The freshness of dawn’s first light, the tinkling laughter of a child, the familial chaos of getting ready for the day. The aromatic taste of a first sip of coffee. The tart vitality of a fresh lemon on the nose, or the first kick of chilli on the tongue. 

Presenting “Moments” - a Missing Piece collection that celebrates the beauty in your everyday life.   

These are pieces you’ll want to wear for special occasions, for casual office days, for working from home, or for relaxed downtime lounging. 

Some of your favourite TMP details are at play here: clever cuts, convertible designs and gorgeous fabrics. Every piece is ultra-wearable, and designed with versatility and customisability in mind. Dress these pieces up or down. Wear them back to front or front to back. Or take that outfit apart and pair it with different tops or bottoms. Wear these pieces often, and make them your own.

Live in the Moment. Live well, live beautifully. Treasure each perfect, imperfect minute with gratefulness---and go ahead and look great while you're at it!