March 02, 2020

How it all started

It all began with a simple act of sponsoring a child in Vietnam almost 20 years ago when Ee-ling, our founder, was still a university student. Back then, she just took the child that was assigned to her, not knowing that years later, she would be working closely with the Vietnamese community in her business. She wanted to give back to the people she’s been working closely with and being a mother of 3, projects relating to the well being and education of children naturally resonated with her.

To date, TMP has supported 2 projects under World Vision. The first being a micro financing project for single mothers who were taught how to carry out mushroom farming to support their young families. Our second ongoing project involves us providing access to clean drinking water and washing facilities for young preschoolers in Minh Long.

To date, we have raised over $40,000 to improve water and sanitation systems in 5 preschools with over 1000 preschoolers. The funds have also gone towards educating care givers through water and hygiene learning programs and campaigns. 





If we can provide clean water and better living conditions for even just one child and their community, it would make what we do here at The Missing Piece that much more meaningful. We have no doubt that our TMP community and the people who shop with us share the same sentiments, so on behalf of the little ones, a big THANK YOU for making a difference!

TMP Girls